Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub 1500L*650W*500H

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Material is NOT purely solid white, it has random grainy texture shown in the last picture, and the picture is only there to show the material not the shape of the product, actual effect of the texture may be slightly different from the picture depending on the illumination of the surrounding environment and is generally speaking very subtle. there is another version with a much stronger texture, please inquire if interested, this material can be easily manipulated by timber work tools to fit.

SOLID SURFACE material NOT Polymarble, more corrosion resisting, more flexible, doesn't have the coating layer as the Polymarble does, hence it can be constantly polished to refurbish without losing its texture as it runs through the thickness of the material. 

1550x700x500mm, comes with Chromed plug and overflow,  asymmetric design on the interior with back rest on one end and is steeper on the other.

Can be sitting up against the wall or free standing by itself, all sides polished

Let the picture speak for itself!!


Did you know:

Acrylic material scratches and fades over time?  When choosing your bathtub, $1300 could be a parting line, anything less than that are mostly acrylic ones, acrylic tubs are very light, an adult could easily lift one of its end for its basically just a hollowed plastic shell. Easy to handle during installation but lacks durability, simply ask the question "how heavy is it", if it can be handle by two adult than it's acrylic, and the heavy ones, regardles of the different terms, bathstone, modified resin, engineered acrylic, solid surface etc etc are pretty much the same thing, well, some uses high percentage of Alumina Trihydrate than others which significantly increases the cost and offers extra strength and chemical stability, higher cast quality such as strongly defined edges and straighter lines in return, unfortunately the exact ingredient is not detectable by naked eyes and probably not realised by many sellers.


5 year parts warranty


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