Why choose lead free Stainless steel tapware/mixer from OZBathroom?

OZBathroom supplies LEAD FREE stainless steel tapware to Australia for your family health. Most of taps in Australia market are make from brass and chrome finished. Brass taps marketed as 'lead free' may still contain up to 4.5% of lead. Water sitting overnight (or for several hours) in a brass faucet tends to leach lead from the brass faucet interior which may produce relatively high lead levels in the first draw of drinking water. 

Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal and the dangers from exposure to it are now well known. This metal, used for many years to manufacture household items and everyday objects, is gradually being banned because of its harmfulness (e.g. elimination from gasoline, paints and electronic devices). Children are the most susceptible to lead poisoning as it impairs psycho-physical development by damaging brain cells.

The World Health Organization (WHO) sets the maximum "suggested" level of lead in drinking water at 10 micrograms per litre, a limit that from 2013 onwards will become obligatory. Today the limit is set at 25 micrograms/litre, even though this is a theoretical limit that few are able to verify and comply with


Tips to reduce your exposure to Lead in drinking water

  • Choose Stainless steel tapware for your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Flush the water for at least two minutes before you drink it - if the water has not been used for at least six hours.
  • Never ever use hot water from the tap for drinking or cooking purposes.
  • Avoid kettles and urns with exposed elements
  • Brass taps marketed as 'lead free' may still contain up to 4.5% of lead
  • Water filter: reverse osmosis or KDF.

Lead Free Stainless steel Taps and mixers

TESTS on water run through a cheap Aldi tap from China have found up to 15 times the maximum allowable level of lead. The estimated 12,000 households that bought an Easy Home spiral spring mixer are now being warned against using it for drinking or cooking.

Aldi tap that’s in 12,000 households contaminates water with up to 15 times the allowable lead limit

Customers warned to beware of cheap Aldi tap


Dr. Paul Harvey got some stainless taps from OZBathroom couple years ago for his research paper. The result is great! Here is the original reply from Dr. Harvey:

"Well, my work, which I am in the process of writing for publication, will show that lead is widespread across NSW and by extrapolation, Australia. Brass fittings seem to be a big source of lead entering the water. The fitting I test from you returned < 1 ug/L of lead in each test over a 3 day period. This is fantastic as it provides a solution to the problem of high lead coming from the brass. I would imagine that interest in lead-free fittings will increase following the public release of my work."

You can download the research paper by Dr. Paul Harvey here:  Widespread copper and lead contamination of household drinking water, New South Wales, Australia

The company name(OZBathroom Australia) can be found at Figure 1, Phase 3, Part B.

And some news related shows here: 

Paul Harvey, a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Macquarie University says this problem is both not new, and more widespread than people realise.

"Our data shows that new taps in Australia are generally non-compliant for lead concentrations at the time of installation and this is reflected in the elevated concentrations of lead in drinking water at kitchen taps across the country," Harvey says.

"Consumers can readily purchase off the shelf products that contain very high concentrations of lead, up to 4.5 per cent, compared to the maximum allowable USA value of 0.25 per cent, with no warning labels or indication of potential hazards."

Harvey says that despite recommendations for flushing taps prior to use, this is not always effective.

"This is an ongoing hazard associated with all lead-brass fittings Australia-wide and the only immediate solution to this problem for consumers is to install lead-free taps."

Read more at https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/07/what-experts-say-about-the-aldi-tap-warning-for-lead-contamination/#U0RXmXQHsg26wBVo.99


More and more media are reporting the high risk of lead in our drinking water: